These are some comments by reviewers.  To see the full review, go back to Reviewers at the top of my web page and click Press Reviews under Reviewers. 

"Arthurs' trumpet sound is exquisite and his soloing is equally astounding...LaMattina makes it appear effortless...His (Arthurs') voice is beautiful...Jazz for Svetlana is a fabulous recording."   Just Jazz Guitar 

"There are nine songs on the (Jazz for Svetlana) album with two of them penned by Bob Arthurs himself. It is a charming collection of tunes from Irving Berlin to Jackie Gleason to Dizzy Gillespie and the performance of those pieces in trumpet and guitar duet is a great treat under Bob and Steve’s charming treatment."  Jazz Times 

"This is a unique recording, a birthday present for the ages that features the work of two confident, intuitive players. LaMattina and Arthurs have given Svetlana something special. Thank goodness she’s willing to share." Something Else 

"The joy they (Bob & Steve) trade is palpable..."  Downbeat 

"This CD keeps finding its way into my mind...It's such wonderful music."       kfsr radio. 

"...Lamattina and Arthurs may not be household names, but they sure can play.  While Jazz for Svetlana may have begun as a present for one fan, it turns out it's a real gift for all of us fans of fine jazz played with sensitivity and passion." 

"There are lots of good duet discs down through time, and this one between two veteran players should be added to the list...Both Lamattina and Arthurs play with such effortless soul and swing that you’ll wish they’d send a birthday gift your way, too."  Vintage Guitar Magazine 

"It’s not a matter of chops here, but telling a story, and these guys tell them like Hans Christian Anderson. This (Svetlana CD) will make you fall in love with music again."  Jazz Weekly 

"...In an ideal world a player of Arthurs' caliber wouldn't be overlooked."  Cadence 

"...This is unexpectedly fine music in a gentle but highly sophisticated sound and style.  The music is technically perfect, but more importantly, it is from the heart."  Amazon. 

"...Arthurs improvises on his original tunes and standards with melodious and sensitive feeling. His trumpet playing is simple, and delicate and his natural vocal style reminds us of Chet Baker. The combination of a trumpet and a guitar is also thrilling, and "All of Me" is the best track .  Great Album."   Jazz Page (Japan) 

"No gimmickry here. No flash and no extra frosting on this cake. Just two fine musicians in close communication. Records like this need to “just happen” more often."  Jazz Society of Oregon 

"...A present by a loving husband to his musical wife turns out to be a substantial present to us - one that won't be worn out in a year." 

"...lovely (music) and demonstrates a jazz language in its most intimate form; sincere without worrying about public approval...  In some special way the recording is such that it casts out a seductive net that it never surrenders." Muzik Zoom. 

"...A nice off-beat set of fine jazz that feels like it's off the clock and that there's a (small) party going on."  Midwest Record. 

"...The earthy purity in his (Arthurs) tone is what appealed to Svetlana, a classical pianist...And when I say purity, (it's) the exact kinda thing a working guy wants to hear after a hard day at work, relaxing into the selections, drinking them down like a good wine just before dinner, that kind of purity."  Folk & Accoustic Music Exchange 

"...raw honesty of passion that seems to exude from this release.  Nothing pretentious, nothing self-absorbed and nothing to push the passive listener into the sonic abyss of the overly cerebral." 

"They are subtle improvisers who keep you listening for their individual statements, and they keep it interesting throughout."  Jersey Jazz 

"(This CD) has depth and is done in good taste."  IAJRC Journal

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